For when you know you’re going to do something naughty… get ready with the perfect cover up!! Love this color; it’s definitely one of my go-to’s for the colder months. You can find this and all the hottest shades on Essie.com Advertisements

Disney World – My Top 3 Things to do in the parks

Disney World just might be my absolute favorite place of all time.  I mean, how can you go wrong?  It literally is the Happiest Place on Earth! You have rides for the adrenaline junkies,  indoor air-conditioned attractions for when it gets *just*  a little too hot, and you have all things Disney, right at your … More Disney World – My Top 3 Things to do in the parks

Essie, I love you

This is my ode to Essie nail polish. I love the colors Essie puts out every season. Fall/winter dark colors are my favorite. (I tend to break them out in the middle of the summer too!) The photo above is just  *some* of my collection. They may look all exactly the same, but I’ll know … More Essie, I love you

Hold Your Horses!

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “hold your horses” For me, and anyone I have asked recently, this phrase is generally used in regards to telling someone to calm down.  In fact, if you google it, you actually come up with a definition: At this point in time,  I guess you can use it in … More Hold Your Horses!

Jen vs. the World

My 1st post! I’ve been ‘blogging’ since before blogging was a thing! But back then, it was just a newsletter, typed on my brand new desktop computer (that took up a ton of space) and printed out to be physically handed out. I had my very own 5th grade newsletter. I wrote about this and … More Jen vs. the World