Essie, I love you

This is my ode to Essie nail polish.

I love the colors Essie puts out every season. Fall/winter dark colors are my favorite. (I tend to break them out in the middle of the summer too!) The photo above is just  *some* of my collection. They may look all exactly the same, but I’ll know you’re just like me if you know the difference between Bobbing for Baubles and Mind Your Mittens – One is just a smidge more blue and the other , and tiny bit more greenish blue.  And how about No More Film vs. Under the Twilight? Both purples but one is just a hair brighter…  Each of them so different to me!

I feel like each bottle of Essie nail polish has it’s own little personality.  Painting my nails is a little bit of self-soothing therapy. When my nails are pretty, I feel good. And Essie delivers in every single bottle!

I look forward to posting some of my favorite nail looks here.  Do you have a favorite Essie shade?  Have you tried the new #gelcouture line they put out?  Let me know what you think!



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