Day 1 of Healthy Eating

I stayed up late last night waiting for election results along with much of America. We had a couple cocktails with dinner and made a little party of it. It was fun. I love this kind of stuff!

I had started my day at about 6:30 am on Tuesday, went to work and got out early-ish to go vote (!).  We ordered some food, drank some drinks and settled in for what would be a looong night. It turned after midnight on the East Coast and we were still nowhere near having a declared winner. After trying to force myself awake, I ended up in my bed around 1:30 , with the TV on. Had a little bit of sleep, but really, I kept waking up because the TV was still on.  So you would not be wrong to say I awoke still tired and definitely not wanting to go to work!

After a night like this, I usually would be craving my favorite breakfast treat- a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on a roll with cheddar cheese. (Actually I crave this any old day, but especially after drinking!)  So imagine my surprise when, after my shower – as I’m enjoying my coffee, I actually get a craving for a fresh smoothie.  It was weird, I could feel my whole body want one.  I honestly think I’ve been depriving myself of healthy food lately.  I bought a bunch of spinach on Sunday, but I guess that wasn’t enough!

So I figured when I get into work, I’ll get a smoothie from my absolute favorite place for fresh smoothies and avocado toast- Pulp NYC Juice bar.  If you are in NYC, you need to go here.  They have fresh juice, cold pressed juice, energy bites and other foods that are good for you and delicious.

I listened to my body and ordered a Green Monster smoothie, which has kale, spinach, pineapple, mango and banana in it.  And I ordered an avocado toast to save for lunch. Here’s how amazing they both looked:

It felt so great drinking my smoothie, I decided this would be day one of the rest of my life!  I’ve been meaning to start eating better and really watch what I put in my body. Yesterday I got Taco Bell (whatever- it was good), but I just always feel better when I eat good foods.  So yes, today is the day!   I’ll keep you updated with my progress and if you have any healthy, *easy* recipes, feel free to share!  I am not swearing off *cheating* as I believe everything in moderation- but I am definitely not going to let myself go weeks on end without veggies.

I had the avocado toast for lunch along with a clementine for a snack.  I wasn’t feeling starving like I usually am during the day either, so I guess it’s true- when you are eating the right foods, you are filling yourself up in a good way.  Tonight for dinner, I’m making chicken with spinach (thanks past Jen for thinking ahead) and some jasmine rice.  Yum!


Day one- done! ✔️


*PS- Is it me or does my hand look like it’s attached to a really old person! It’s not, I swear!


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