Disney World – My Top 3 Things to do in the parks


Disney World just might be my absolute favorite place of all time.  I mean, how can you go wrong?  It literally is the Happiest Place on Earth! You have rides for the adrenaline junkies,  indoor air-conditioned attractions for when it gets *just*  a little too hot, and you have all things Disney, right at your fingertips.

I’ve been to Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Disney World. Disney World is the one I’ve vissited the morst-  I’ve been about 4 times that I can remember.  I am constantly thinking about my past trips and about my next trip there.  Anytime someone asks me where I want to go, the answer is always  ~ Disney World!

It’s a hard business trying to pick my favorite part, but I’m going to lay out my top 3 rides in all the parks.  If you only have a limited amount of time I’d definitely make sure to hit the following rides:


#3 – Spaceship Earth in Epcot

Spacechip Earth is quite an attraction!  It’s actually inside the big old golf ball structure that you’ve undoubtedly come to  know Epcot for.  It’s themed around a sort of time machine and you sit in a moving seat that takes you on a journey from the past into the future.  You actually get to see a little movie about yourself in the future after using the interactive screen.  This is a relaxing ride, inside in air-conditioning.



#2 – Expedition Everest in the Animal Kingdom

I, along with my nephews have taken to just calling this ride simply, the Yeti. It’s amazing. Just thinking about it, I am getting all excited again and just feel like I need to go back, stat!  Even waiting in line to get on the ride itself is worth it. Sometimes you are waiting a long time, but this is definitely worth a fast pass if you have the option. The waiting area takes you through the Himalayan Escapes travel agency, followed by a temple, a tea garden into a museum feature none other than the Yeti.   Once you get on the ride, you are taken on a trip though the Himalayas, off to Mount Everest. It’s such a great ride! You are on the hunt for the Yeti- and then you see him! And he breaks the track! and then you have nowhere to go, but backwards!!  OMG, so great, you can’t miss this ride!


#1 – Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios

This might just be my absolute favorite- ever. (SO sad Disneyland is getting rid of it)  This line is a good one to wait on also. It goes through  the dilapidated grounds of an old abandoned Hollywood Tower hotel. Once inside, you see the lobby- covered in cobwebs, left as the day of the last visitors.  You are ushered into a library  that plays a video welcoming you to the hotel- hosted by none other than Rod Serling of the Twilight Zone. I love the show, so I especially love this part. Then lightning hits! And  the lights cut out! And you’re brought down to the boiler room in the basement to board the only working elevator- maintenance service elevator!  Once inside, you sit and ride the elevator, only to be dropped as much as 130 feet! It’s so great! At one point, the elevator doors even open and you can see the view of the park. This view never gets old- day or night, I still can’t choose which is my favorite!  And the thrill of the whole thing stays with me, for the rest of the day!  I’ve never gone to Disney and not ridden this more than once!


So there you have it, my top 3 must do’s for Disney World.  I have many many other favorites, I’ll be sure to continue sharing them just in case you’re planning on visiting!


*All pictures are mine




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