Give it up for Monday

Mondays definitely get a bad rep.

Just take a look through your social media accounts, how many people are shitting on Monday right now?  I get it, I really do. After getting 2 days off , to sleep in and do whatever we want, we then have to roll out of bed early and get back to the grind.

But we should be looking at this as a fresh beginning.  A new start to another week.  I know it’s not easy.  Believe me- I’m struggling right now as I write this.  But what’s the alternative- being grumpy and sleepy?    Grab a big old cup o’ Joe and go get your day started!!   It’s Monday!

And for a little motivation, here’s a picture of my dog CeCe, Just happy as can be!


Happy Monday everyone 🙂  We got this!


6 thoughts on “Give it up for Monday

  1. As a professional cripple I work from home so I often don’t even know the day of the week! But I remember the days when I start to mourn on Sunday night because Monday was coming. Ugh.


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